morning prayers to start your day

Morning Prayers Of Thanksgiving, Praises and Hope To Start Your Day With God

These morning prayers of thanksgiving, praises and hope in starting your day will help. (Morning prayers to start your day)

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I have realised the importance of morning prayers for starting your day.

All the mistakes that you have done on the previous day, are gone, and now you get the opportunity to start afresh.

Waking up every day is a grace of God.

Starting a new day allows you to change your character and become better through God.

Furthermore starting your day with prayers can help you stay positive and focused on what you want to achieve throughout the day.

I will be sharing you morning prayers of thanksgiving, praises and hope to God to help you without a doubt feel grateful and motivated to start your day productively.

As you especially start your day with these prayers of thanksgiving, praises and hope to God. May your day most certainly be full of blessings, strength, confidence, valuable lessons to learn, joy and unstoppable happiness.

hand in the clouds- morning prayers of thanksgiving, praises and hope

Prayer Of Thanksgiving (Morning prayers to start your day)

Firstly, Father Lord, I want to thank you for allowing me to sleep with no disturbance and also wake up with energy to start my day.

Thank you for your power to do all things in my life.

God, In addition, Thank you for the work you have done in my life to protect me while I was sleeping, and for giving me the grace to wake up with good health and a sound mind.

As well as that, Thank you God for giving me a wealthy life, by feeding me and offering me a place to live.

There are many amazing things that you do indeed that I believe should always be appreciated.

I want you to forgive me for any ungratefulness I feel at the moment and help me see your plan and purpose for me.

It should be noted that there are people that are in worse situations than me and have not been given the same opportunities I have been given.

The position I am in, others would love to be in that same position. Please teach me to stay grateful to you, and teach me to notice my blessings at all times.

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There are many blessings

Above all, there are many blessings, I have that you have given me that is incomparable.

God, Thank you for not forgetting about me and always watching over me. Most Importantly, Thank you, God, for leading me.

You always lead me to the right place and I know you will continue to lead me to where I am supposed to go. Without a doubt, I cannot thank you enough.

Also, I thank you for the grace you give me every day, to experience life.

Moreover, Father Lord, thank you for helping me achieve and succeed in everything I do.

You helped me do well in my workplace, and most importantly, you helped me to do well in my place of education.

Thank you for helping me move forward, and not stay stagnant in life.

God, You always absolutely give me freedom, and you give me the ability to do everyday tasks, such as looking after myself and focusing on what is important.

You teach me everyday (Morning prayers to start your day)

Secondly, Father Lord, you teach me new lessons every day.

As well as that, you give me an opportunity to reflect on my mistakes. For everything you have done in my life, for me even being here protected at this moment, I definitely appreciate you.

Thank you for your love towards me. Above all, you never leave me. You are always there to forgive me and I say this undoubtedly.

Moreover, you have given me opportunities in life and experiences to learn and become better. I know you love me and for this, I thank you wholeheartedly.

I know the experiences you give me in life are so that I can be who I am supposed to be and bear good fruit.

Moreover, you strengthen me every day to become strong and confident in myself. Thank you, God.

Prayer Of Thanksgiving #2 (Morning Prayers to start your day)

Secondly, Father Lord, you have blessed me with the ability to have control over my life, and grace to do things for myself.

Not only this, but I thank you for creating me fearfully and wonderfully made.

You thought of how to create me and you blessed me with talents and abilities. Therefore, I should always thank you.

God, you blessed me with the ability to walk, talk, grow, understand things, to see, to write and many other things.

You most definitely blessed me with the skills that I can use every day, to benefit myself in some way. Clearly I must always thank you.

I thank you for allowing me to learn every day about different things. For example, You give me the opportunity to learn your word and you also help me learn who you are.

God, I see you as a father who is loving and caring towards me. Your love towards me indeed is unconditional.

For loving me and being caring towards me in particular, I cannot thank you enough

I Thank You, Lord

Thank you for creating me uniquely.

I appreciate your mindfulness towards me. Your mindfulness to set me apart from others.

Your mindfulness to give me a purpose in life, protecting me and helping me overcome my problems.

Thank you for all the blessings you have offered me.

You clothed me, you gave me a bed to stay

and you always offer me a sense of comfort. For these blessings I thank you.

Thank you for the power you have given me to change my life for the better. Also, thank you for the power you have given me to mold into who you want me to be.

In addition, You have given me an opportunity, to have and build a relationship with you, for this I always thank you

Father Lord, I know you accept my thanksgiving and prayers, and I am grateful that you always listen to me.

You listen to me when I need something, and you also listen to me to help me in all the ways you can.

You are always there to offer a helping hand and I have to say again, I appreciate you.

Prayer Of Praises

Firstly, Father Lord, I praise you this morning for everything you have done for me. Every time I ask for forgiveness, you forgive me.

You gave me the opportunity to wake up today peacefully. This is a grace in itself, I praise you, Father

Lord, sometimes I need a shoulder to cry on, but I always remember you are always there to comfort me.

Through my problems, you are there to deliver me and this is why I praise you.

You watch over me and you care for me.

Your love for me is unconditional

Father Lord, Your love for me gives me the potential to have a relationship with you that can only get stronger.

I praise you as you are always there with open arms to accept me.

Father Lord, You have always known me. You knew my name before I was born.

I am aware you know my imperfections, my past and my future.

I praise you

You have always had good plans for me

I know your plans for me are for me to prosper and to have a future full of hope and love. Jeremiah 29:11-13

I praise you

Father Lord, I praise you for your kindness, your power and love.

I praise you for your mercy and your fairness.

God, I praise you every day for giving me a chance to make amends and start afresh.

Even though I compare myself to others, you remind me that we are not the same, and we are also not on the same path of life.

I compare myself to others, but you accept me unconditionally

You accept me as a person along with my faults

It is true how loving you are towards me.

praying morning prayer of thanksgiving, praises and hope

Prayers Of Hope (Morning Prayers)

Firstly, Father Lord, I look unto you for hope. I believe the problems I am currently facing are for a purpose.

I believe you always have a purpose for me.

You created me for a purpose and have given me a destiny. Father Lord, help me stay hopeful in you.

Help me to have faith in you and believe that everything will turn out how they should in the end.

Help me to see my problems as a blessing in disguise.

Clearly the problems Job was facing in the bible was a test for his love and faith towards you. Let my love and faith towards you grow.

Everything I go through is not permanent

Let me continue to believe that everything I go through is not permanent, exactly like Job believed in you.

Job persevered and remembered that you love him dearly even through all his trials and tribulations.

Father Lord, teach me to persevere and remember your intentions for me are always good.

Also, Teach me to believe strongly in you

Always remind me to remember you have given me the grace to start my day. Let this be a source of hope for me.


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