Morning routine for work

8 Ways You Can Start Having A Quick Productive Morning Routine For Work

In this post, I will be showing you the 8 ways you can start having a quick productive morning routine for work that lasts little to 3 hours.

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Having a morning routine alone can be a personal accomplishment.

Getting yourself up in the early hours of the morning allows you to do more during the day.

A morning routine can change based on different occasions.

For example, waking up to go to your place of education, work, or even church.

There is a possibility, you can have the same morning routine when you wake up very early every single day

There is also a possibility your morning routine can take very little to 3 hours per day.

A girl feeling powerful in the morning

Firstly, How is having a morning routine a personal achievement?

Having a morning routine makes you feel responsible and in control of your life

When you are making an effort to wake up early and follow your morning routine every day, this shows how mature and determined you are becoming.

A morning routine helps you to not miss out and make the most of the opportunities you receive.

Waking up early to follow your morning routine can give you a source of fulfilment

This is because you get to experience nature in its most quiet state as most people are asleep.

Travelling on public transport very early after completing your morning routine can also make you feel fulfilled, because:

You are seeing everyone try to make their way to work or school

This shows how people are making an effort to complete their day to day work, which can be a source of inspiration

A morning routine for work shows how willing you are to achieve your goals

Why it is important to have the same morning routine for all occasions?

It helps you follow your morning routine much easier because you are following a pattern that your body is used to

Following the same morning routine for every occasion means waking up the same time every day.

Doing this helps you maintain your morning routine, which allows you to achieve what you need to more easily

When you do maintain your morning routine, you get in the habit of finishing your routine much quicker because you get used to it which helps you to be good at it

You stop trying to think about what you need to do as part of your morning routine every time for different occasions

The 4 Steps On How To Wake Up In The Morning Without Hitting The Snooze Button- Helps with Morning routine for work or any occasion

1) Make sure you are sleeping on time and at the same time every day

When you are sleeping on time, you are allowing your body to rest, which will help energise you for the morning.

Doing this will prevent you from feeling groggy or very weak in the morning, and also it can prevent headaches.

Sleeping at the same time every day makes waking up the morning after much easier because you are allowing your body clock to get used to your routine

2) Drink water as soon as you have woken up

Drinking water as soon as you wake up helps you feel more energised, and refreshed.

Studies have shown people who drank water on an empty stomach or before a meal lose 4 more pounds than others who did not.

Drinking water as soon as you have woken up have shown to help flush out the unnecessary toxins in your body, which helps in fighting infections more easily.

3) Brush your teeth and put water on your face

This is a tip I use personally to help me not go back into bed.

When you brush your teeth and put water on your face as you wake up, you are spending time out of bed, which encourages you to not go back in bed, because you become fully alert and awake.

This does work because you are allowing your body to adjust to being awake.

For example, if you were to read as soon as you wake up, You will still feel tired which will make you go back in bed

Brushing your teeth means you are using more of your body, which means you are allowing yourself to be awake.

4)Open the curtains and look out the window for 5 minutes

It helps as soon as you wake up to open the curtains and look out the window, because the sun may have risen by the time you wake up. This will motivate you to stay awake

This can work in some occasions, depending on what season we are in. For example in the Autumn/Wintertime, the sun rises around 6 AM while in the summer, the sun rises around 4 am.

If you need to wake up earlier before 6 in the Autumn/Wintertime, you may find it harder after opening the curtain, because the sun may not have risen by the time you wake up

It is a good feeling to open your curtains in the early hours of the morning when the sun has risen, to allow the sunlight to enter.

This helps you feel determined to stay awake and start your day productively

5)Make sure your room is clean before going to sleep

Clean your room or make sure your room is tidy before going to sleep.

Having your room kept clean alone will motivate you to wake up in the morning, especially when you know where all your things are because this will make you feel more in control.

Having your room clean will motivate you to have a more productive morning routine for work.

6) Get everything you need ready for the next day

Making sure you have your room clean and everything ready before you wake up. This will involve:

What clothes you are going to wear the following day and what food you need to take with you to work or any other occasion

Doing some or most of these tips will help you feel mature and more responsible which will help you to have a productive morning routine for work or any other occasion.

8 Ways You Can Start Having A More Productive Morning Routine for work or any occasion in little to 3 hours

The ways you can start having a productive morning routine in little to 3 hours are simple ways you can incorporate in your morning routine

1. Sleep for at least 7 hours every day

Make sure you are getting enough sleep every day. This will help you to feel energised by the time you need to wake up.

Sleeping 7 hours every day for work is very important because it helps you perform better, as you will feel alert after you have spent those hours asleep.

Sometimes 7 hours of sleep might not be enough, so try to increase it to sleeping 8 hours. Get in the habit of listening to your body

2. Wake up 4-5 AM every day

4-5 am is the perfect time to wake up. This is because, during these times, there are fewer distractions and noise, as everyone is sleeping.

You start to feel more in control of your time and more organised.

The sun rising at 4-5am in the morning- 8 tips to have productive morning routine for work

3. Write a list of your goals, and incorporate at least 1-2 goals in your morning routine

Write 10 most important goals you desire to achieve and what you need to do to achieve them.

When you have written these goals, rank them to the 3 most important.

The 3 most important, look at how long it will take you to achieve the goal.

The goals that do not take too much of your time, incorporate them in your morning routine

For example, a goal could be to lose weight

Ask yourself, what do I need to do to lose weight

Then think about, what could you do in the morning that will not take so much of your time.

This could be cooking a simple healthy breakfast or doing a short workout.

Another example could be, you want to improve your relationship with God

Think about what you need to do to reach that goal

What could you do that will not take too much of your time in the morning

This could be praying to God for 10 minutes or reading the bible, or any other book that will improve your spirituality

Incorporate this in your morning routine and make sure you follow it

meditating as part of 8 tips to having a productive morning routine for work

4. Add Yoga and/or pilates to your morning routine

I have learnt that there are many benefits to adding yoga or pilates to your morning routine.

Yoga and Pilates are two different practices

Yoga is a Hindu practice, in which you are using breathing techniques, exercise and meditation to help train your body and mind.

Pilates is an exercise that is based on your strength, using exercises to help strengthen your physical body.

One of the equipment that you need or is eseential for yoga is “Proworks Large Padded Yoga Mat with carrying Handle for Pilates/Exercise/Gymnastics – Black/Blue/Purple/Green/Pink”

You can find workouts online on youtube, for example, these videos helps with pilates/yoga

5.Focus on personal hygiene

As part of your morning routine, give yourself time to focus on your hygiene.

This involves:

  • Brushing your teeth
  • Doing skincare
  • Having your bath
  • Doing your hair
  • Making sure your clothes are ready to wear

Give yourself time to make sure you feel clean and refreshed physically

This will help with feeling good which will make an impact on your confidence throughout the day

6)Read a book for 10 minutes

There is a book I purchased, which I believe could encourage you to be motivated the entire day. The book is called “You are a badass every day by Jen Sincero”

This book taught me that to stay inspired the whole day, you need to feed your spirit, and this could be by listening to inspirational podcasts or reading a book

I suggest every morning, you read an inspirational book or just any book for 10 minutes. This will help your brain work more effectively during the day.

Feeding your spirit is just as important as feeding your body because it gives you strength mentally to handle what is important throughout the day, and helps you to remain positive.

cofee and writing session as part of 8 tips to having a productive morning routine for work

7)Have a writing session

Last, of all, I suggest adding to your morning routine, a writing session

This includes:

  • Writing in your journal:

You should ask yourself these important questions,

1. How are you feeling?

2. What are your current thoughts and how do you challenge them?

3. What do you want to achieve today

4. How will you stay optimistic today no matter what comes your way?

  • Write a to-do list on what you want to achieve for the day

Put a time limit on the task you want to achieve on your to-do list during the day.

If you have spare time in the morning, try to complete some of the easiest tasks before you embark on your journey to work

hearty breakfast as part of 8 tips to having a productive morning routine for work

8) Eat a hearty breakfast

If you tend to be hungry in the morning, or you realise when you do not eat in the morning, it affects your mood. Eat a hearty breakfast

A hearty breakfast will mostly involve 2 eggs, a slice of bread and salad or oatmeal. This can help you feel full for a long period

Also, a hearty breakfast can give and sustain energy throughout the day, and help maintain your weight

Make sure you follow these 8 ways to have a productive morning routine for work

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The 8 ways I have shown you in having a productive morning routine for work will have a positive impact on your personal life and performance for any occasion

Morning routine for work


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  1. One thing I really struggle with is waking up early. I can’t go to sleep any earlier than 10 after all my kids finally fall asleep around 9:30. I try to get in my writing after school drop off and some yoga afterwards or even before bed when my husband is home to watch the kids.

    I really admire your morning routine! Hopefully one day I’ll be a bit more pulled together in the mornings 😉

  2. whoa! I can’t believe you are able to wake up between 4-5AM haha I cannot do that! but I def agree that at least 7 hours of sleep is much needed. this is when I feel at my best!

    1. My morning routine does require for me to wake up at 4-5am, and I am currently still working on it, 7 hours of sleep is good, but sometimes listening to our body is key. Thanks for commenting!

  3. I love these ideas! I’ve been implementing a morning routine for a few months and it’s completely changed my life for the better 🙂

  4. I want to try these! Thank you so much for writing this I def have to implement some of these and I can only imagine the impact it would have on my morning.

  5. Love this post. 💜 I do agree that making goals in the morning then completing at least one is a great start to the morning. Thanks for sharing other amazing ideas as well.

  6. I’m just going to bed at 0400! But this post is really good and the tips are excellent. A routine helps you get more done and makes you feel like you accomplished more. Plus, having everything tidy for the next day makes sure you don’t wake up to chaos. I’m sending this to some of my friends that I think it can help!

    1. Thank you so much Heather! You just gave me a blog post idea that I could write about, to do with sleeping late! Glad I could help

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