stop worrying about achieving your goals

Stop Worrying About Achieving Your Goals And Do This

We have all worried about something, at one point. This could be about achieving our goals or reaching a specific deadline at a time frame. This post explains why you should stop worrying about achieving your goals and what you can do about it.

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What worry is-  the meaning will help you to stop worrying about achieving your goals, once you grasp the concept)

Worry is a feeling you have, based on the problems you are facing or think you may face. It is thinking of the worse potential outcome of what you consider a problem.

Examples of why you would feel troubled or anxious

  • Money issues-if you are struggling with money issues and you need to pay your rent on time, the worse potential outcome that you can think of is becoming homeless
  • Toxic relationships- Living with someone abusive, you may think that your life is at threat
  • Assignment, work and exam deadline- If you do not complete your assignment or revise for your exam, you might fail.
  • Your health- If you do not cultivate a healthy lifestyle, you could develop health problems.

The list goes on. It is all about thinking of the worse situation if you do not do anything at a certain time.

a boy figuring out- with questions- stop worrying

My experience with worry (Stop worrying about achieving your goals)

I understand what other people are going through when experiencing anxiety and worry because I used to be a chronic worrier, and I still worry till this time.

One problem I experienced with worry, was panic attacks. I worried about everything, such as when my family will travel, will something bad happen to them.

Is my weight getting worse and even failing my exams at school.

What do people think of me?. This made me develop social anxiety as a result?

Growing up, I watched a lot of movies and read the news. This gave me a perception of the world and the perception was not good.

I thought something bad will happen to me, depending on where I lived and who I lived with.

Growing up- I struggled to stop worrying about achieving my goals in a specific time frame

I went to church, and worry was still a big thing.

My mum used to tell me to replace my worry with the words of the bible when I would confide in her about my worries.

Unfortunately, I still worry till this day, but I feel like I can still work on it.

To stop worrying about achieving my goals felt like a big effort to make. But when you master what I will show you, about achieving your goals, you will be unstoppable. Having faith goes a long way.

What I consumed my mind with affected me- it heightened the stress that made it harder to stop worrying

Trust issues started to develop and I became suspicious of people, because of what I was consuming my mind with.

What we feed our minds with can have an effect of what we worry about. I learned this through my experiences.

Comparing myself to celebrities became a part of my life. I compared my weight to celebrities and wanted to be the same weight as them. This caused frustration and I thought my weight was getting worse when growing up; I was only 12 years old then.

Becoming a perfectionist had an impact on me. I just wanted to grow in the most perfect way possible, I wanted to be the best at everything and up to this day now, I am still a perfectionist. I developed a fear of failing due to my perfectionism and became very competitive.

To stop worrying about achieving my goals, I believe I need to be optimistic about every situation I am in, and always have faith that things will turn out how they should.

2 Books that I have read or have been suggested to help you stop worrying:

A book that has been highly suggested is “The Worry Trick: How Your Brain Tricks You In Expecting The Worse And What Do About It”, I have been told that this book has been like a therapy for those who suffer from anxiety-related conditions

Get this book: “The Worry Trick: How Your Brain Tricks You In Expecting The Worse And What Do About It”,

I grew up reading “Feel The Fear And Do it Anyway” I got this book in a public library and I was inspired by the author. I read this book to get advice on dealing with social anxiety

Get this book to help with social anxiety: Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway

a stressed girl- trying to stop worrying

Why worrying is pointless- it caused high anxiety and affected my wellbeing

Firstly worrying is pointless, because it is just a feeling, it does not change anything. It can make you feel worse if you do not do anything about it.

From my experience, worrying caused me to suffer from mental health problems.

As I explained, I was a perfectionist but also someone who was very competitive. I wanted to achieve a lot of goals in a short time.

I worried about not completing my goals, and instead of me doing anything to achieve my goals, I was panicking and as a result, I did not do anything.

When the time came. I had not done anything which made regret a huge part of my life.

The point is…

Worrying can be an excuse, but at the end of the day, you are not achieving anything, it just makes you start stressing, and you divert your attention to something that is not important.

When I would worry, I will stop focusing on my goals, and start doing something less important or unnecessary like watching something to make me feel better.

In the end, I did not do anything to deal with completing what I wanted to achieve.

Worrying stopped me from looking after myself, like getting enough sleep and looking after my hygiene. This is a way worrying can limit you. At the end of the day, worrying just caused unnecessary frustration.

Do this to resolve the solution (stop worrying about achieving your goals)

To deal with the feeling of worry, remember that worry is pointless and can be unhealthy.

To help you stop worrying in achieving your goals, or lessen the feeling of worry: Think about your goals and give it a specific time frame.

Ask yourself, how long will it take you to achieve this specific goal

If your specific deadline is very near, give yourself a day to focus on it completely, and space the hours each day

Another similar tip to help you stop worrying is organise the time you want to spend on each of your goals

even if it is every day you want to focus on the goal to bring you closer to the goal

Try to be optimistic about the situation, and hope for the best.

Try to make yourself feel energised and happy. Believing can go a long way to helping you work as hard as you need, to achieve your goal

Master the skill I just shared to stop worrying, in achieving your goals so you can be unstoppable.

Manage your time to help with stop worrying

Organise your time

Organising your time on each task could make you feel more at ease. Remember that doing your best is the most important thing.

Failure could seem of a big deal, but just remember that it helps you learn from your mistakes and you could use it to your best advantage.

Successful people have experienced failure at one point in their lives.

A good thing to remember is hoping for the best can go a long way, in terms of actually succeeding.

What I remember

I remember when I was studying, I left my work a day before the deadline and I asked the people in my class, how were they doing with the work.

I realise they started before me, but they still had a lot of work that they needed to do, and they left it before the day of the deadline.

Instead of them worrying, they decided to focus on it and did an allnighter and hoped for the best.

What I would have done is just lie down and watch something on the tv to make me feel better.

What other people were doing was working hard, believing that they still had a chance to do well, and they did well, in the end.

Outside circumstances stopping you from achieving your goals? ( to stop worrying about achieving your goals, you could do this)

Problems you may face such as being in a toxic relationship, or not living with people you may not trust could make you think that you should not follow your goals yet until something positive happens like the opportunity to move away.

You may even have a job that takes a lot of your time

Waiting for something positive to happen, may never come. You have to make choices to change your situation. Like getting a better job, so you can move away.

The library is a good option to focus on your goals during the day when you can. There are always good resources there.

24 hours

We have 24 hours in a day and those 24 hours, we have some time where we are not doing anything.

How much do you spend on your phone every day?

I have realised that I spend 4 hours every day on my phone. The time spent is used on browsing, researching and social media, for example, Snapchat, Youtube and Pinterest.

Instead of worrying, you could use the energy in planning your day

An iPhone software called Screentime

There is a software on settings of iPhone called Screentime. You can use time limits on the social media apps you use frequently on your phone. This will allow you to focus on more important things.

An app for children to manage their time more effectively

For children,  there is an iPhone app called screentime ninja, which can be very useful in a child’s development. It blocks screentime and you can unlock it when you solve maths questions.

Another app for children is screentime parental control, which helps the parent manage the time, their children spend on their phones.

Get the Free amazon APPS: screentime ninja,  screentime parental control


Going away from social media can save a lot of time.

Outside circumstances can make you worried. But the negative effect of worrying is it robs you of your time unnecessarily.

Some people have a lot of responsibility, for example caring for their children, and at the same time, studying a demanding course, and they still make the time.

Everyone is going through a problem, but there are people out there trying their own best to still reach their goals.

Remember you are not alone, You can do this (Stop worrying about achieving your goals and do this)

One quote I heard from someone who I looked up to was Joyce Meyer, the quote was

“Worry is like a rocking chair, it gives you something to do but takes you nowhere.”

I have known this quote for a very long time, but I still worried. Understanding this quote can go a long way

Worry is pointless because it is just a feeling that will make you feel the worse while not positively changing your life or making a positive impact in your life.

While other people are working on becoming better or changing their life in some way, what are you doing?

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