My Story

What This Website Is About

To encourage others to meet their needs by promoting the love of food and lifestyle. To make the most out of your life, on a daily basis.

The Name Of This Blog

The feeling I get when I think about this blog, “Whole Individual” is passion. The passion to change a persons life, but connect with the person at the same time.

My motive of this blog is to share ideas with others enough to turn a persons life around or make a difference in some way.

The name for this blog speaks for itself. Its about you as an individual. How important you are, as an individual, and how much you can be.

I share information that encourages others to self-care, but also elevate as an individual. I encourage others with this blog to make the most of their time but overall their life.

At this moment in time, social media is a big part of other peoples lives, I would like to change that and get others to admire life more than social media.

The aim of this website is to encourage others to meet their own needs, while also becoming better as individuals.

About Me

From a very young tender age, I have always been a perfectionist, and as I grew older, I started to develop a business mindset. A business mindset to impact a person or change their quality of life.

I want this blog to be a stepping stone for opportunities to help other people.

Growing up, I found out how much I love helping people, I love to help others when it comes to making things easier for the person in terms of what tasks they find difficult.

With this blog, I will be able to help you, but also myself.

Talking about myself, I wanted to be many things growing up. The first-ever thing I wanted to be in my whole life was a singer. I admired celebrities growing up like Beyonce, and Beyonce was someone who I saw as perfect, and I wanted to be the same way.

I was a huge fan of Beyonce.

Even though I wanted to be a singer, I cringed when I would record myself, I thought I could not sing, and even now I think the same even though some people think I can sing. As I grew older, I did not want to be a singer.

I wanted to become an accountant at one point

Becoming an accountant became my aim because one of my siblings was an chartered accountant and I admired her lifestyle with her career and wanted to do the same.

I learnt as a chartered accountant you get to travel the world and socialise with others, which made me want to become an accountant even more.

After school, I saw myself doing a health related subject, which led me to find out what I actually really wanted to be, which was a nutritionist.

The reason why I wanted to become a nutritionist was I have always loved food, but also loved health in relation to food.

I always was interested in becoming more healthier and I saw exercise a important priority.

At the age of 18, I then discovered that nursing could be a potential career for me, and then I started to see becoming a nurse as a dream career.

My journey of Nursing was a tricky one

I applied to study nursing at a university and I got in! which I was so pleased about! My journey of nursing was a very tricky one.

During and before my time studying nursing, I did suffer from depression. Regret was a huge part of my life

To make things worse or saddening, I did not have supportive people around me who genuinely wanted me to become better as a person.

I had people who constantly will criticize me. Sadly I did not graduate, and with my tough times, I found myself deviating doing something else.

Here I am with a blog, focusing on building a business. Building a business was one of the things I planned to do as soon as I finished nursing.

My interests

One thing to know about me is I am a young adult with big dreams and I like food!

In my spare time, I love to learn things that will make me better as a person, this could be learning a new language, learning a new recipe or reading a self development book.

I have realised from studying nursing, how much being my own boss is what has been destined for me. This is because I think differently than other people and do not quite fit in.

I do like working with others, and teamwork is one of the things that I looked forward to when working in health care.

But I think working for others is not for me. I am naturally a leader and with my experiences in life, I have learnt that.

Even though nursing did not work out, I gained knowledge along the way, and I think I would share that knowledge and use it to help others.

I have learnt a lot when it comes to looking after oneself and the importance, and I am trying to implement that within my blog.

Thank you for reading, don’t be shy to comment.

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