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How to Use Bible Verses To Help With Worrying

In this post, I will be explaining how I use bible verses to help me with my worrying.

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Worrying used to be a huge part of my life, and the main reason why was because I would leave things that were important to me to the last minute.

But not only that, I always want to start a new task in the most perfect way and when a specific time passes, it’s like I have lost zest to meet a deadline for my goal.

All the time I worried about my safety and my family’s safety. Certainly, Having these bible verses in mind does help to lower the worry I feel.

So how do I deal with worry to do with different aspects of my life? In this post, I will explain it in much detail how I deal with it and how you can too.

How I deal with worrying to do with worrying verses in the bible.

What you need to understand

In one of my posts Stop Worrying About Achieving Your Goals And Do This”  I explain what worry is and the solution to worry when it comes to worrying about achieving your goals.

I explain that when you understand deeply the meaning of worry, it would help you to deal with it in a much easier way.

In addition, I believe we need to have a clear perspective of what worry is.

If you look at the definition of worry, you would learn that worry is a feeling based on thinking of the worse outcome of a problem you have or the worst outcome of a situation you are in.

Worry is just a feeling

What I need you to understand is worry is just a feeling. That feeling does not change anything.

Moreover, the only thing that worry does is to make you start panicking,

it makes you look for easy routes to your problem or avoid a specific situation.

However, sometimes, there are no easy routes to your problem.

So how do you deal with this feeling do you ask?

and how do I relate it to the bible

(worrying verses in the bible)

bible and coffee on table- worrying verses in the bible

Firstly, We need to dive into worrying by asking ourselves, what triggers our worry,

to do with worrying verses in the bible

As I explained worry is a feeling,

Above all, We need to think more about this feeling we have by asking ourselves what triggers that feeling.

What I have learnt is worrying is triggered by our thoughts.

What thoughts? where do they come from?

As human beings, we have many thoughts that come in our mind, on a daily basis.

In addition to this, Did you know we have about 60,000-80,000 thoughts per day?

These thoughts

Firstly, These thoughts can range from, what are we going to eat, what time is it, what are we doing today, what do I think about this to what does this person think of me and many other different thoughts.

We need to think about what triggers these thoughts?

Above all, In a more general way, our thoughts can come from anywhere.

That is to say, The thoughts we have are mostly triggered by what we do,

As a result, mostly what we consume our mind with.

We consume our mind with information based on the conversations we have had with people, the news we have watched, the movies we have watched and the things we have seen.

But the thoughts we have can also be our pattern way of thinking. How we grew up, such as what was said to us growing up, our culture and what we have experienced in life.

A suggestion is

The thoughts we have can positively be influenced with the bible if we spend our time on what we have read, and meditate on it deeply in our day to day lives

What experiences can you think of that has caused you to worry all the times about things?

It could be a sense of embarrassment, a feeling of failure, death of a loved one and many more.

God can also be speaking to you and we will be able to hear what he is saying when we have a close relationship with him.

man reading with bible during sunset- worrying verses in the bible

I will speak more about this in this post.

We now know that thoughts trigger worry, how do we lessen that feeling, overcome it or prevent it from coming back again?

The solution to do with worrying verses in the bible

We need to change the way we think about certain things and this way requires practice.

Firstly, we need to think about what we are consuming our mind with on a daily basis, and ask ourselves, is this triggering that feeling?.

Mostly the TV shows, movies, or news we watch are likely to cause a feeling within us, which most likely could be worry without even thinking about it.

Then we need to think about what conversations we have with people, and which conversations can we avoid with others that may trigger the feeling of worry.

Ask yourself this, do you communicate with God on a daily basis and allow him to speak to you?

God and his word

Do you read his word and allow it to sink in?

Speaking to God frequently can really help you with your feeling of worry

Spending time in Gods word is also spending time with God.

Talking to God while reading his word can make a difference, try it

To summarise everything I have said, the solution all lies down to our mindset, which is contributed to what we consume our mind with.

Changing the way you think about things is all about your mindset

Clouds showing light- worrying verses in the bible

This is how I use bible verses to change my way of thinking about worry, connected to worrying verses in the bible

I said that the solution to worry all lies down to what you are consuming on a daily basis.

What you are consuming can affect the type of mindset you have.

I will be explaining 3 main bible verses as a guide to help you with worrying and this can also help you with other feelings you have.

But firstly, these are the questions I ask myself based on what I have read,

  1. What is this bible verse saying to me,
  2. Why is this bible verse saying this to me

Knowing the answers to these questions is a base to dealing with any feelings you have.

Bible verses…

Examples of answering the questions using these 3 bible verses:

1. Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths- Proverbs 3 vs 5-6

This bible verse is saying to me I should put my belief in him, I should not put my belief only on myself, but believe that it all lies within God. I should always notice God and he will help me along my journey in life.

This bible verse is speaking to me, to not worry and remember God has it under control.


2. So we can confidently say,  “The Lord is my helper; I will not fear; what can man do to me?”- Hebrews 13 vs 6

This bible verse is saying that God is always there to help me, no one can do anything to me, as God is always by my side

This bible verse is saying this to me to help me believe that he is always watching over me and always ready to help me no matter what situation I am in

3. Cast your burden on the LORD, and he will sustain you; he will never permit the righteous to be moved- Psalms 55 vs 22

This bible verse is mainly saying to me to allow God to deal with my problems instead of me consuming my mind with my problems. He will allow me to keep on going

This bible verse is saying this to me to remember that God is present in my life in the first place in order to help me.

boat in the sea

Knowing the answers to these questions helps with worrying verses in the bible

Now you know the answers to these questions, every time you worry

remind yourself of the bible verses, and what you have gathered with these bible verses.

I use my answers with these questions to influence my actions

You should always think that the reason why the bible has been written in the first place is because of you as an individual

When you have answered these questions, you are aware of why the bible verse is speaking to you in the first place. The next thing you need to do is relate it to your own life, for example,

having the feeling of worry may be because you are thinking about failing an exam or you may lose your home if you do not pay your bills

Instead of thinking about this, switch your mindset to the word of God.


Meditate on the bible verses related to the feeling of worry, and look at your answers to what the bible verse is saying.

Practice switching your thoughts to the word of God by thinking about it for one minute to strengthen your faith.

As I mentioned before, thoughts are triggered mostly by what you are doing. It does all lie down to mindset

Have the mindset when it comes to your worry that God has it under control.

How do I strengthen the fact that God has it under control?

Keep repeating to yourself, the bible verses while also considering why the bible verse is speaking to you in the first place.

Remember that the bible has a purpose

The answers you have put for the bible verses, always remind yourself of the answers.

Think of your answers for one minute every time that feeling of worry is triggered.

When you do have the thoughts, switch it to your bible verses and the answers to those bible verses each time.

Do the work you need to but always have in your mind what the bible verses are saying to you.

As a human being, we all have flaws but with practice in changing our mindset, we can accomplish any goal we want to achieve.

Girl stretching on a mat outside worrying verses in the bible

How do I handle this feeling of worry and anxiety?

Firstly Take a few steps back to think of the bible verses that you have read.

Most importantly Meditate on the verses as soon as the feeling of worry comes.

Try to control your thoughts by imagining in your mind that God has it under control.

Furthermore, Repeat to yourself the bible verses, say each bible verse 3 times with full confidence!

As you keep constantly reminding yourself that God has it under control,

you will start to feel the worry fade away.

The 3 bible verses I mentioned are enough to help you with your worry

My Post “Stop Worrying About Achieving Your Goals And Do This”

In this post, I mentioned whenever I would worry, I would tell my mum and she would advise me to replace my worry with the verses of the bible

and even though this was advice, it did not work for me, and I still tended to worry.

This is true, I think to help with worrying, as I explained, you need to understand

why the bible verses are speaking to you in the first place,

but you also need to watch what you are consuming on a daily basis as this can trigger your worry.

Feeding Your Mind

Use your time to feed yourself with positive words, and the word of God, instead of

feeding your mind with negative news and opinions that will impact your view of the world and yourself in a negative way.

Instead of worrying, do something that takes your mind off what you’re worried about,

pray to God about it and do something that will enrich and strengthen your mind, in a positive way.

If you’re worried about a task that needs to be done, at a particular time,

feed your mind firstly with the word of God and ponder deeply on why it is speaking to you in the first place,

and use that mindset to do what is important and just remember worry is just a feeling, that feeling will fade away.

One of the bible verses

One of the bible verses, I mentioned said that you should acknowledge God and he will direct your paths.

To me, this means you should notice God at all times

in your day to day and he will guide you

This bible verse alone can help you with your worry. It is telling you to always notice

that God is in your presence, and as a Christian, this is very important.

Doing this alone can help you with the feeling of worry.

Consistent Prayer

As a Christian, prayer is an essential part of our life. Prayer is simply communicating with God.

A tip to help with your worry, is every hour speak to God about how you are feeling

and allow him to speak to you, this could involve reading his word related to how you are feeling

Getting in touch with your feelings especially by talking to God can really help

While speaking to God about your feelings, noting it down could make you understand it a bit more.

What you can use to help you with your worry

The family that I grew up in we constantly went to church on a weekly basis.

We had books

and other resources to help us learn more about the word of God.

One thing that helped strengthen my belief in God or helped calmed me down, were bookmarks.

These bookmarks had bible verses written on them in a very creative way.

I think looking at bookmarks constantly especially when they have bible verses related to your feeling on them

will help you to feel more at ease, and always give you the feeling

that you truly are a believer of God or in other words a Christian

Having a physical thing to hold is truly a good feeling.

Click here to get Christian bookmarks to help with worrying

note reminders

One other thing that can help with your worry is setting reminders on your phone constantly

These reminders can mainly be bible verses but also why the bible verses are speaking to you

Every hour, you have your phone reminding you to help strengthen your belief of the bible verses.


In conclusion, Reminding yourself of the word of God constantly

and why the word of God is speaking to you in the first place

can contribute to helping you with your feeling of worry.

It’s all about changing your mindset to help with the feelings you experience.

Most importantly, this is by observing what you are consuming on a daily basis

and consuming information that is important and beneficial in your life.

Thank you for reading, I hope this helped you!

If you have any questions in mind, let me know!







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