How To Set Goals For Life In 5 Holistic Ways To Maximise Potential

I will be sharing with you in this post, how to set your goals for life in 5 Holistic Ways

in order to maximise potential.

These ways all have to do with looking after yourself as an individual

and using that to become better as a person.

This website you are currently on is based on meeting your whole needs

as an individual by removing blocks that may get in the way of your full potential.


Sometimes we go through a stage in life, where it is hard to know what goals to focus on achieving.

This may be because on the bright side we have already achieved all of our desired goals

and on the downside, it may be because we have tried to follow our goals

for a long time and we see them as unachievable.

Another downside is we have gone so used to wanting to achieve these goals,

that it becomes hard to know what goals to achieve.

In this post, I will be showing a unique way of setting your goals

that looks to you fully as an individual.

Firstly, we need to look at what we should focus on wholely to do with us as an individual (how to set goals for life)

As an individual, we have needs that have to be taken care of daily.

We have needs from the moment we are put on this earth.

We also have a need to find out who we really are and

this could be part of knowing what our purpose on earth is.

We were brought into this world with gifts and talents.

Even if we do not know what they are now, we all have gifts given to us uniquely.

a woman with red hair, outside looking at the camera how to set goals for life

Being different

We all are different in our own way. We may have the same needs

but we do not grow up to have the same interests or desires.

Now that I have mentioned that, what do we need to focus on a daily basis?

we need to focus on our needs,

and who we are as an individual which include our interests and desires.

Looking at ourselves holistically

As I mentioned we all have needs. One thing I have not mentioned is no matter how old we are,

we are all growing. Whether that means we are in our 30s or 40s,

We are all growing, it might not be at the same pace as babies and children,

but we are all experiencing growth.

Experiencing growth

What growth do you ask? We experience growth in many different ways.

The most way that I think will be more relatable with what I am mentioning is,

we are all gaining knowledge, we are all learning something in some way.

When you are an infant to becoming a child, you are growing with height, weight,

but you are also growing by knowing more of the world.

What all ages have in common in terms of growth,

is we are all learning something new every day.

people walking down the street- how to set goals for life

All of us no matter what ages we are have the same needs, these needs are

  • Physical needs
  • Intellectual needs
  • Emotional needs
  • Social needs
  • Spiritual needs

Meeting all these needs helps us deal with our emotions in a more reasonable way.

But it also helps us be at our best.

But how do I set goals for life to maximise potential? (how to set goals for life?)

First of all, we need to put into perspective that when we are meeting all of our needs on a daily basis

we are preparing ourselves to get through any tasks in a more easier way.

We most likely would feel our best, and

I believe this will help us focus on what we desire to achieve.

To set goals for life in 5 parts, we need to look at what these needs I mentioned entails.

My purpose

My purpose for this post was to make you aware of your needs,

but also make you aware of how to make the most of your needs the best way possible.

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Physical needs: What does this entail?

  • Physical needs: This is the most important need of all,

Our needs physically have to do with self- care, taking care of ourselves such as bathing, eating,

taking part in exercise and drinking water.

But this also has to do with our safety and feeling secure.

What may disrupt it is the type of environment we are living in.

Whether we have somewhere to live, and whether we can afford to bathe or eat.

It can also do with which type of people we are living with, are they dangerous,

do they affect us meeting those needs?

If we do have problems with the type of environment we live in

we need to set goals based on this to be in a more better environment.

A goal that we can set to achieve in terms of what type of environment we are living in is

  • Firstly, Live somewhere better that is safe
  • Be able to afford the essentials we need to meet our physical needs

But how do I set to achieve these specific goals you have mentioned?

Firstly, You need to think separately about how to achieve these goals.

Sometimes we may not be able to afford things,

purely because we do not have any form of education

or the type of job, we have is not enough to pay for what we need.

We all have different reasons to why we are unable to change our situation.

Look at ways to help yourself, that have to do with the situation you are in.

Achieving the goal of meeting your physical needs

Ways on how you can achieve this goal are to start a form of education that you love.

Discover what you love and put it into practice.

This may involve enrolling in a place of education or

starting a business based on what you love.

You can get help to start a business with the help of the government

providing you with a loan to help fund for that business

It all depends on which part of the world you live in. (how to set goals for life)

Solving your problems related to physical needs can do with which part of the world you are in and if you can be offered support

In the UK, you could get help with the government, to help you look for a better job.

But also to meet your physical needs easily, the government can give you alternatives

to support you in finding somewhere better to stay.

I feel like people tend to settle for less based on what situation they are in.

There was a quote that said, “if you can make one dollar, you can make a million more”.

We need to look at what we can do or make the most out of with what we already have.

a man walking alone on the road- how to set goals for life

What I want you to know based on what I have said

First of all, what I want you to know is I am not trying to cause problems or

make you ungrateful for what type of situation you are in.

Above all, I am trying to make you look at the bigger picture and

know that you are capable of changing any situation you are in.

In life, we are meant to evolve, or in other words,

grow and experience what life has to offer.

Looking better at a situation

Setting these goals is the way to look better at your situation, and know things can change.

As I mentioned before, this post is about making most out of our needs,

so how do we first make the most out of our physical needs?

I have shared this in this post by giving you suggestions on

how to solve the problems related to your physical needs.

In this way, I will be explaining other needs in this post.

Also in my next post, I will be elaborating on making the most out of your needs,

in relation to this post.

Now, let’s look at our intellectual needs.

Intellectual needs, what does this entail?

All these needs I am mentioning, I am putting them all in the order I prefer.

Which are P.I.E.S.S. So Firstly, what are intellectual needs and why are they important?

To start with, Intellectual needs are mainly about keeping your brain healthy. It’s all about learning.

This would involve learning a new skill, a new hobby,

learning about the world around you or taking in a new activity.

Exercising can enhance your ability to also meet your needs,

as this way, you are also keeping your brain healthy.

We need to think about what may disrupt our intellectual needs to be met?

and what solutions can solve those problems?

The inability to learn something new or keep our brain healthy

may be because of a health issue, we have.

Having trouble concentrating can affect our intellectual needs being met

We may have trouble concentrating or suffer from some kind of depression

Some people may have a form of dementia, or suffer from some memory loss?

You may be an abusive relationship, which may be taking a lot of your time and energy.

These all can stop you from meeting your intellectual needs and even make it harder to exercise,

which is one of the things that will keep your brain healthy.

Think of what may be stopping you from learning something new of the world,

and ways that will stop you from exercising on a daily basis.

But how do I solve these problems related to my intellectual needs?

Firstly, If you suffer from some form of depression or have trouble concentrating.

What can help is daily taking part in exercising, and also

focusing on meeting your physical needs on a daily basis.

What can stop you from meeting your intellectual needs, is simply because your physical needs are met.

Physical needs are the most fundamental.

a book written something needs to change

Our relationships can have a part in our intellectual needs being met

When it comes to being in an abusive relationship, moving away can make a difference in terms of

your depression, memory and concentration.

Sometimes the circumstances we are in may be hard to find out if we are actually in an abusive relationship,

Do some research on signs that prove you are in an abusive relationship without realising.

Getting out of a relationship that is taking a hold on your energy

is the way to solving your problems in terms of your depression and other related mental problems.

Think of ways that may trigger your depression or mental problems, and try to eliminate those problems.

To summarise, the goals you should set to achieve are

  • Daily taking part in exercise, Meeting your physical needs should be the first priority.

This can contribute to helping you perform better in terms of meeting your intellectual needs

  • Moving away or removing yourself from a relationship that does not serve you or is abusive in any way.

This can be in the form of someone taking your energy away, without you realising.

This does have a part in your performance to learn, but also to grow.

  • Ask yourself, what triggers your depression or mental problems, and eliminate this.

Emotional needs, what does this entail?

To start with,

Emotional needs are the ability to feel love and important with others.

The ability to connect with others in a way you feel heard and worthy.

To meet these needs, we must think about what type of relationship we have with those close to us.

This would usually be with our parents, our family, and friends.

But also coworkers could have a part of our emotional needs.

In order to meet our emotional needs, we must look at what may be disrupting our emotional needs to be met.

What is disrupting your emotional needs to be met

If you suffer from some sort of emotional abuse, this is what is disrupting your emotional needs to be met.

For example, if you are communicating with someone who brings something out of you negatively.

This could be shame, anger and embarrassment. Then this is affecting your emotional needs in some way

Also to meet our emotional needs, we must feel important.

if someone is acknowledging you and treating you like you are unworthy, or your feelings do not matter.

This would have an effect on your emotional needs. (how to set goals for life)

a girl sitting on the cliff by the sea

Our childhood and adolescence can have a part in how we react in our adulthood

Growing up the parents we have are meant to comfort us if we feel down and want some advice.

If this is not happening, you are suffering from some sort of emotional abuse or neglect

especially if you are in your childhood or adolescence.

This, later on, can affect your ability to connect with those around you outside your family,

which can make it a hard time to make friends or build relationships with others.

How do I solve these problems related to my emotional needs

Firstly, I mentioned, we need to look at the importance of what type of relationships we have with others.

If you have negative relationships with others or they cause a negative emotional reaction within you all the time

communicating with them.  What you need to do is cut the people out who are causing these reactions within you.

Emotional abuse has the same effects as physical abuse, even though they are not seen.

It is known to affect your confidence, self-esteem and even cause you to have mental health problems.

So cutting those who are not helping to build you up in any way, is the way to meeting your emotional needs.

To summarise, the goals you should set to achieve is

  • Distance yourself or remove yourself from relationships that is taking a hold on you emotionally on a consistent basis.
  • Embrace those relationships you may already have that makes you feel heard and worthy,

or in other words, build you up emotionally.

Social needs, what does this entail?

Firstly, Social needs are all about communicating and spending time with others. It is the need to have relationships with others.

Secondly, What may disrupt your social needs being met can be

whether you suffer from mental health problems or not, this could be social anxiety and depression.

When you suffer from depression, you may feel to isolate yourself from those around you.

This would disrupt your social needs being met.

social needs

But How Do I Solve These Problems Related To My Social Needs (how to set goals for life)

If you suffer from some sort of depression or isolate yourself around other people,

going for therapy can help you release your thoughts and feelings.

Getting to the real reason for your depression can help,

because this is the way to eliminate what may be causing the problem.

You may isolate from those around you because they are not supportive enough.

Find a support system that can relate to you.

This could be online or finding local groups. (how to set goals for life)

Being around others

Local groups could be a church so that you can be around people.

If you suffer from social anxiety, taking the next step to being around others can help.

Working on your confidence and self-limiting beliefs can help you with your social anxiety.

Try a group dealing with the same issues you have.

What can help you to find a local group, is booking an appointment

with a doctor in your local GP or in other words health centre,

and they may be able to give you professional advice and refer you to someone you can talk to,

who can help you improve your social anxiety or meet your social needs?

To summarise, the goals you should set to achieve in terms of your social needs

  • Going to therapy to express your feelings and emotions and getting to the bottom of what may be affecting your social needs to be met,

and finding solutions to solve that. They could get to the bottom of your self-limiting beliefs

and help you to have a more positive view in terms of communicating with others

  • Getting yourself out there this could be in the form of taking part in any local group

such as a church you may or may not be familiar with.

  • Booking yourself to the doctors to talk about the problems you are experiencing socially,

and asking them to recommend local groups that could help, and also asking them to refer you to therapy.

Spiritual needs, what does this entail?

This is the last need of all. When you get your physical needs met, you are able to focus easily on the other needs I mentioned.

So what are spiritual needs? Spiritual needs is the ability to connect with a higher being. This can be God, or whatever you believe in.

Examples of meeting your spiritual needs, is through building a relationship with God,

meditating, worshipping and knowing more of your purpose so that you can execute it in your life on a daily basis.

Also reading the bible or anything you believe in to know more about the world

and who you are, can help to meet your spiritual needs. (how to set goals for life)

a girl meditating- how to set goals for life

What may disrupt you from meeting your spiritual needs?,

could be you may not know what you believe in,

you may avoid going to a place of worship because you do not like the environment,

this stops you or discourages you from worshipping God.

A part of meeting our spiritual needs can also involve knowing who you are and your place in the world.

What may disrupt this is if you are in a relationship that is taking too much of your time and

not allowing you to discover who you are.

But How Do I Solve These Problems Related To My Spiritual Needs (how to set goals for life)

Firstly if a relationship is taking too much time and energy which is preventing you to know who you are,

you need to evaluate whether the relationship is making you better or not.

If the relationship is not making you better in any way, you need to distance yourself from the relationship

and if that is not possible you need to remove yourself out of the relationship.

The reason why I say this is every relationship we have should be building us

not making us worse in terms of our self-identity, self-esteem and self-confidence.

If you do not know what you believe in and do not want to find out more about this.

hands touching

Gaining a relationship with yourself can have a part

A way to meeting your spiritual needs is gaining a relationship with yourself,

and loving more of who you are while embracing that through your actions on a daily basis.

Meditating can help but also practising positivity.

If you know what you believe in but are not interested in worshipping in a religious environment,

you could practice your worship at home. What is done in a religious environment,

could be practised at home.

To summarise, the goals you should set to achieve are:

  • Remove yourself or distance yourself from a relationship where you are not seeing a difference in terms of your self-improvement, and this relationship is taking a hold on your time, which is affecting you spend time with yourself.
  • Find out more about who you are and embrace that, if you are not interested in knowing what you believe in.
  • Find out more about who you are and what you believe in
  • If a local environment makes you feel uncomfortable to worship God, do this at home instead

Conclusion (how to set goals for life)

To conclude, I have shown you ways on how you can set goals for life to maximise potential. The ways I have shown you is by considering your needs, and

what problems you have that may be disrupting you meeting your needs the best way you can

and suggestions on how you can solve this.

Firstly, Most of the goals set to achieve in terms of our needs that I mentioned

include removing yourself out of a relationship taking a hold on your time and energy.

Above all, The reason why I mentioned this often was that I believe the people around us

can usually have a part in our needs not being met. We need to evaluate what relationships we have

are building us up or making us worse in terms of our self-development.

Thank you for reading, I hope this made it clear on how to set goals that will help maximise potential. Any questions you have, you can comment below.

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