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How To Focus On Work -A Toxic Action You Can Take To Get Work Done

Finding ways on how to focus on your work can be hard, which is why

I will be sharing with you an action you can take to

focus on getting the work you want to achieve done.

I consider this a toxic action because this specific action

encourages you to get work done but multi-task at the same time.

I don’t recommend to do what I will mention in this post all the time.

I am mentioning this specific toxic action for when you have a near deadline

and you must get work done, but it’s hard to concentrate on the work at hand.

Do you want to get work done in little time? try this useful technique.

The specific toxic action… (How To Focus On Work)

This specific toxic action is a last resort, or in other words

the last step you must take if you must get work done in little time.

It might work,

depending on what you are doing.

For example, if you are completing assignments or tasks you need for a job,

this specific action could help.

Want to stay focused and productive on work last-minute anywhere such as at work?

or be able to concentrate on work without getting any distractions?

The advice and the specific action I will identify could contribute to that aim.

Girl thinking

Think about this: (how to focus on work)

One thing I think we must consider is, do we overthink when we are on our own the most

or when we are around people?

For me, I do not overthink when I am around people.

So many thoughts come when I am by myself and this can occur when I am doing something on my own.

The reason why I want you to think about this question is that I believe or have realised

that we tend to focus on simple tasks more easily when there are people around.

When we are on our own, we get too comfortable, which stops us from doing what we need to do.

Being too comfortable will allow thoughts to arise, which can contribute to preventing you from doing important tasks.

Man looking at wall full of paper- How To Focus On Work

Depression And Overthinking (How To Focus On Work)

It has been suggested that depression occurs when you are on your own a lot and not socialising more

and this is because you are alone with your thoughts.

Part of the reason why you may not want to focus on a specific task to complete is because you are afraid to be with your thoughts.

In the world we live in today, there are so many distractions that prevent

us from focusing on the work we need to complete.

It seems the distractions encourage us to procrastinate.

The most common distraction that I think everyone has is social media.

Social media distracts us from ourselves and when we spend so much time on social media even a whole hour straight daily,

it can be hard to divert that attention to what’s important.

Check out my previous post. It identifies one effect spending one hour straight on any actions

you take such as browsing on social media can have on you:

Can’t Sit Still, Focus Whilst Learning? Ways That Help 

(I mentioned ADHD and dopamine in this post)

girl on her own- how to focus on work

Being on our own

Depending on the type of person we are:

When we stop taking part in distractions for some time that distract us from ourselves,

for example, browsing on social media,

it is likely we may ruminate or have negative thoughts.

This does have the potential to affect your mood

and in the end,

you will take action to distract yourself  from yourself to make yourself feel better,

which could be by choosing to watch a film or going on social media.

Going on social media to make you feel better

This is like a never-ending cycle at times.

This can prevent you from becoming productive

and make you procrastinate over the work you need to do.

Being able to challenge those negative thoughts that arise can really benefit you,

and prevent you from getting depression in the first place.

This link: Being alone with your thoughts explains more about the dangers that can arise when being alone with your thoughts.

IDK :How To Focus On Work

Because of those negative thoughts:

When those negative thoughts arise, going on social media can be an easier option

than completing the tasks you set to achieve.

This is because social media distracts you from your thoughts and also can improve your mood temporarily.

Social media stops you from thinking thoughts by easily providing you with entertainment that

you will think would help you feel better.

How do you handle those negative thoughts that arise? (How To Focus On Work)

Firstly, we should consider we are human beings,

and being human is the reason why we have things in common, in terms of how our body works.

The thing that we have in common which I have been trying to identify is the brain.

Our brain is constantly receiving information based on what we are doing.

When thoughts arise, the reason why is because our brain is processing things.

In order to stop this from affecting you, think of it as human nature.

Embrace the fact that you even have thoughts that come in your mind, because this makes you human

and this can be a constant reminder you are alive.


Another way to handle these negative thoughts:

As I said our brain is constantly processing things, if you find it hard to embrace those thoughts,

or if you would like to sort some of the thoughts that come in mind:

Write some of them down that has been of interest to you and give yourself

a specific time of the day to think all these thoughts of interest that have come to mind.

It can be hard for these thoughts to not affect your mood, but

if you embrace these thoughts believing they are what make you human,

you are being grateful for the person you are.

Embracing those thoughts

If you embrace your thoughts all the time, it will automatically become a habit of yours sooner or earlier to not

allow your thoughts to affect you so much.

I suggest that you do not entertain every single thought that comes to mind,

just embrace them as a reminder that your brain is processing things.

man standing in ocean

The brain processes things all the time

One fact I believe we should consider is our brain is active all the time from the minute we wake up to when we are sleeping.

The dreams we have when we are sleeping can be an explanation for our brain processing our thoughts.

Huffington Post says our brain processes information while we sleep to help us make decisions.

The brain also creates and makes new memories stronger.

Our brain processing things do us more good than harm as it’s aim is normally to protect us.

The human body as a whole has unique bodily functions aimed to protect us,

the reactions our body has is a good reminder of this.

The toxic but useful action you have been waiting for (How To Focus On Work):

I am not involving two strategies, only one strategy you can use that can make the difference.

A toxic but useful action to take to help you focus on your work and get the work done is to get someone

speaking in the background to listen to whilst doing your work.

If this does not make sense, another phrasing for this toxic action is

to listen to someone speaking online while getting your work done.

The reason why I call this toxic is that you are distracting yourself from yourself,

but the benefit is it enables you to get the work you desire to achieve done.

Let me give an example of using this toxic action:

What you are doing is while you are completing assignments, or completing the task you are doing as part of a job,

you are listening to someone who interests you in the background.


Keeping you company…

Using the specific action I have mentioned is providing you with company

(or in other words, keeping you company) as it offers you the option to not overthink

and might even help you when you are bored, and want quick entertainment and

your most important option at that moment is to put in the work.

This technique will also stop you from eventually procrastinating over the work you set to achieve.

It would encourage you to start the work you want to complete and get it done as a result.

The type of videos that I like to watch come from Youtube,

this could be chit chat videos on Youtube, for example (if you have anyone in mind),

or it could be someone speaking about a specific topic.

(Find a YouTuber you really like, if you like watching chitchat videos for example).

Any YouTubers you enjoy listening to but you feel like its a waste of time:

This opportunity can benefit you to get those YouTubers speaking in the background.

Ted talks are one of the types of videos on Youtube that could be an interest to you to listen in the background.

This will encourage you to stay seated on what you would like to achieve and may even motivate you to focus your work.

filmstrip how to focus on work

The number thing I suggest you use when using the toxic action I have mentioned:

  • Headphones

The reason why I suggest you use headphones is to block out all the noise in the background to help you stay focused.

If you are living with someone and worried they

will call you when you are working on what you set to achieve:

let the person be aware that you won’t be able to give them the attention

they want or need unless they approach you.

You can also let the person know: You are focusing on completing work that is important to you

and will not like any interruptions until you are finished.

This will encourage you to focus on your work.

headphones- how to focus on work

Warnings Using This Specific Toxic but useful Action

As I said before this toxic action should be a last resort in terms of completing tasks you set to achieve,

and the reason why is because if you constantly do this, it may become a habit.

You may find getting someone speaking in the background while you are doing your work or–

in other words, listening to someone while you do your work is something you

cannot live without.

Working in peace of quiet is what I am trying to promote in this post. Doing this action may make that become an inconvenience to you.

It is all about pushing through those fears on a daily basis so that you can grow in the process.

Personally you may listen to music while completing a task because it makes you feel focused:

if that is the case maybe switching the music to someone speaking about a topic may feel more manageable.

Even though this is a warning, it does not stop you trying this out at any time. I think we are all different,

in how we respond to specific things.

With me, Personally based on what I have said

Personally, I cannot concentrate when I listen to music, because I am tempted to sing along or even dance,

which can make me spend more time in completing tasks.

I like to complete my work in quiet, sometimes I wear my headphones with no sound to block out the noise in the background.

Knowing what works for you and taking action to make it work the best way possible helps.

Doing what I recommended in this post can help

if you are struggling to focus on work or struggling at the place you do work

This specific action may answer your need on how to survive or how to be productive working from home or wherever you choose to work.

What I have recommended is useful in a distracting environment when homework (studying)

is due last minute and you need to refocus to achieve your goal.

Using the strategy I have shared in this post may help you with your organization, in terms of reaching your goals,

Because you will find it easier to avoid or eliminate distractions

and increase focus and attention span, which contributes to productivity.

people laughing with dog

Conclusion (How To Focus On Work)

To conclude the toxic action that I have identified on how to focus on work to help you get your work done

is aimed for when you need to get work done in such of a little time because your deadline is near.

Embracing who you are by remembering you are human can help you avoid procrastinating over the work that needs to be done.

Embracing who you are will also count towards doing the work in an earlier time.

If embracing who you are with the thoughts that come in mind

is not an option, at one point in your life or in a situation you find yourself in,

the toxic action I have identified can really help you.

Thank you for reading, you can comment any questions or give feedback you have under this post, that would be appreciated.

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How to focus on work

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