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4 Positive Quotes I Love And Stand For And My Opinions Towards Them- How To Use Them In Your Daily Life

In this post, I will be sharing 4 positive quotes in life that I currently love and my opinions towards them.

I will be giving advice on how to use these quotes in your daily life.

I love reading quotes. This is because it inspires me to actually change my life.

To add to this, I think reading quotes can really change your outlook on life. It did for me in the past.

I quickly in the post give you an example of one question to ask yourself when trying to relate the quote to your life.

How I started finding quotes (Positive quotes in life)

I started finding quotes through twitter.

One favourite quote I found on twitter many years ago that I loved is in one of my posts

“Stop Worrying About Achieving Your Goals And Do This”

Every time I worry, I think of this quote and it brings me back to my past.

Quotes Encouraged My Self Development

Quotes really encouraged me. I started to become more confident and I became highly interested in self-development.

Then I started becoming very used to quotes,

It became harder to actually use them to influence my actions in a more positive way.

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A tip on how you can use quotes to influence your life (Positive quotes in life that I love)

A way that you can use quotes to influence your life is

  1. Reflect on the quotes and ask yourself questions about how they will apply to your life. This is very common to do

and something you may do without realising it

For example, there is a fact that you identify what your weaknesses are and why the quote you are reading is relevant. I will give an example:

One example of a quote is  “the way I see it if you want the rainbow, you have to put up with the rain’

The weakness you may quickly be able to identify is when you are having a difficult day, all you like to do is lie down in bed and relax

instead of doing the tasks that are important at that moment

Instead of doing the tasks, you may have deadlines for

But instead, you can embrace the fact that you have had a difficult day and you feel not the best but you know this is an experience

and you are aware the feeling of the experience of discomfort will be present while doing your tasks,

but this shall pass and as a result, your actions will make a difference to how you feel at that moment

If you want more examples, comment down below and I will write a post on this

Here is 1 key question you can ask yourself while reflecting on quotes (this stands out)

  • What is one important goal that I really want to achieve and how does this quote relate

Usually, when we are reading a quote, we automatically think of ourselves

What can make this more effective is thinking of a goal you wish to achieve

and what is stopping you from achieving it

and what this quote is trying to make you recognise and how you can keep this in mind to help you potentially achieve your goal in this

moment of time as soon as you have read the quote or as soon as it is planned

This will automatically help you to realise what your weaknesses are and a positive way to look at the situation

In this post

In this post, I will be showing you my 4 current favourite positive quotes, and sharing my opinion on them. This will give you another idea of how to apply them.

Firstly let me share with you some of the people I look up to that inspire me:

a book with paper shaped like a heart (Positive quotes that I loved)

My Favourite People With Inspirational Words And Quotes (Positive quotes in life that I love)

The following people I look up to, that have left me inspired in order is

  1. Joyce Meyer
  2. Keke Palmer
  3. Albert Einstein
  4. Oprah Winfrey

Joyce Meyer

Joyce Meyer is an author and speaker, who preaches on the word of God. If you read her life history, you will learn she experienced trauma in her life.

What inspires me about her is that she was able to rise up from her suffering, and now she inspires a huge amount of people.

I found her quotes through Twitter, and that’s when I began to know who she was.

She does sermons on her show called Joyce Meyer ministries.

One quote from Joyce Meyer is “One mistake does not have to rule a person’s entire life.”

Keke Palmer

The next person on my list is Keke Palmer. I became inspired by Keke Palmer when she was at a very young age.

I admired her talents in acting and singing. In addition, her confidence and optimism stood out to me

I watch Keke palmers interviews and it makes me think of how she could also be a motivational speaker.

Her advice and motivational words really touched me. For example in one of her interviews,

Keke palmer suffered from anxiety/ depression

She said that she suffered from anxiety and depression. Keke Palmer said that she googled the meaning of stress and anxiety.

How she said she dealt with it, was when she had the feeling of anxiety, she would name the feeling,

which meant that it was not a part of her. It was only a feeling,

Keke palmers confidence and happiness to herself stood out to me, which is why I am always inspired by her.

Albert Einstein

When I think of Albert Einstein. I think of famous people who got told by teachers that they could not achieve anything,

But ended up becoming highly successful

This brings me to this quote from Albert Einstein “Everybody is a genius.

But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it’s stupid”

Albert Einstein started speaking at about the age of 4 and while he was in school, a teacher told him that he could not achieve anything.

Now Albert Einstein is the most known famous scientist.

He is highly intelligent and changed the world of physics by developing “The theory of relativity”.

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey is another person who inspires me.

Like Joyce Meyer, Oprah Winfrey experienced some trauma in her past. But now she is one of the most influential women in history.

Oprah Winfrey is indeed highly successful. She owns a talk show, she is an actress and she directs television.

Oprah Winfrey owns the most popular television network called OWN,

which has the purpose to help others relate to situations and problems.

One very popular quote, which I have seen so many times from Oprah Winfrey is

“Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.”

Oprah Winfrey’s quotes are very popular as they are shared and used regularly by millions of people.

Summary Of Why I Decided To Share These People (Positive quotes that I love)

I decided to share these people for the reason that I see them as highly influential to me. I grew up listening to them and some of them were seen as my role models.

light bulb (positive quotes that I love)

4 Positive Quotes I Love And Stand For And My Opinions On Them (Positive quotes in life)

  1. “Be a loner. That gives you time to wonder, to search for the truth. Have holy curiosity. Make your time worth living.”

I absolutely believe in this quote, because I have been in a situation, where I was by myself most of the time away from my family.

But I was also spending the majority of the time with people in the workplace.

I have learnt you could be working with a majority of people, but still, be alone or be considered a loner.

During this time of living away from family and only being around others when I was going to work

I started to develop my confidence and began to find out who I am.  I learned more about my interests and I also started to self-reflect.

Thinking about my past

Thinking about my past became more common, and I developed strength because I started to heal.

I became happier being by myself, and I also started to have more energy.

Growth started to surface. My communication skills increased, and I was thinking more quickly.

Being a loner has its benefits, because you start to value yourself alone more, and there is a potential that you also start loving yourself.

2.  “You’re busy doubting yourself, while so many others are intimidated by your potential” (positive quotes in life that I love)

This quote can be seen differently by each person.

The first thing that came to my mind when reading this quote is this could be the reason why others treat you badly or do not acknowledge you.

This could be the reason,

Why you do not fit in with other people or why you do not get along with the majority of people.

This could be the reason, why you find it hard to make friends?

because they are intimidated by your potential, while you are doubting yourself

I also thought…

and another part made me think, why do people approach you. Why do strangers start having conversations in public places with only you?

They see the greatness in you

For you to not fit in with a group of people shows how you stand out to others. People look up to you, but you cannot see that.

This may be because you may not have grown with loving people around you, or simply because other people constantly put you down

The truth is

But the truth is they are intimidated

You doubt yourself, and you do not realise your potential or who you are

I am also talking to myself

The advice I would give you and even myself is start embracing who you are, start using your talents or start doing what you love (your hobbies)

Start remembering you are great. You have a divine purpose

Do not care if others treat you badly. Do not give them the power

The power you give them is by doubting yourself and not realising your potential as the quote says.

When people treat you badly, that could be a sign that they are intimidated by your potential.

The meaning of Intimidation

The meaning of intimidation is “having a frightening, overawing or threatening effect”

When you are different, people are intimidated by you. This may be the reason why you get treated differently than other people.

It is a sign you think differently from other people

This is a very positive trait to have.

A quote that really relates to what I have said is “people will try and pull you down because they’re beneath you”, which is very true.

You are great! Be happy about that

3) “If you knew how hard it was and how long it took to rebuild my little universe of peace and happiness then you would understand why I’m so picky about who I allow in my Life” 

This is a long quote, but I really look up to this, because it shows a sign of growth and self-love.

My opinion is when you are or have been in a very dark place of your life, you start to appreciate the time you actually felt peaceful or content.

When you have been in a toxic relationship all your life, or have been very badly treated by other people

and experienced very intense feelings of bad emotions,

For example, you feel traumatised, sad or empty, feel alone, like there is no one there who wants to help you.

You remember and imagine being in a better place, you imagine feeling more peaceful and in control of your life

After a tough time in your life, you are motivated to change

After being in such a dark place. You really want to change

girl with glasses smiling (positive quotes that I love)

So you start  working on yourself, start feeling more positive and grateful for your life

You start having faith that things are going to turn out fine.

Also, you start improving your spirituality and self-love. Through this, things start going well for yourself. You finally feel happy

You feel like you in the right place of your life.

Then you get to a time in your life. When you have discovered yourself and got to where you want to be in life.

While or after this is happening, you meet new people, and at this time,

You become selective…

you are very selective because you do not want to experience the same bad experience or trauma again

because you are very strong in yourself and you have started to believe that you do not need anyone else bringing you down.

You notice the effects of toxic people and start to believe you only need yourself. In addition, you realise the importance of looking after yourself

and protecting your self-esteem

You become selective because you now know your self worth

and you are always willing to become better

If someone does not bring value in your life, you avoid them

rise and shine

This quote…

Saying or thinking the same way the quote is showing says

that you have grown and you are not willing to be around people who are not in the same stage you are or

or not wanting to become better

This quote is also a sign that you have healed from your bad experiences

and now you love yourself enough to not allow just anyone in your life or circle.

4) You Are The Ceo Of Your Life. Hire, Fire And Promote Accordingly. (Positive quotes in life that I love)

I love this quote because it reminds me of how much power and control I have over my life.

The greatest thing we have been given in our life is power. The power to make decisions, and also the power to protect how we feel.

If we feel someone is constantly putting us down. This may minimise our confidence.

But we can cut the person away from our life, as it is clear they are not bringing value.

An Example (Positive quotes in life that I love)

As a CEO of a business, or company, you fire those who are not making a difference to the company.

If you do not fire the person, your company gets affected in some way. Either you do not get enough money or the company then starts to not run well or even fail.

This is exactly like being the CEO of your life. You get to choose who brings value in your life or, who affects you in some way,

and you can choose to take the action to cut the person off.

This quote stands out to me because it makes me realise I have power and I am using the power every moment of the day.

For example, right now I am using my power to share this message.

The power we have should be highly valued.



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